The 2019 Harvard Business School MBA Essay Question!

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HBS has released the 2019 MBA essay question and deadlines for the class of 2022 business school application, and it’s the exact same question as last year! With no word limit on the 2019 essay, you may think writing more is better — don’t do it!

The ability to be concise is a gift, and is one of the business skills the admissions committee, not just at Harvard, but at any of the “Top Ten” highly competitive business school MBA programs, consistently looks for: can you convey your assets and talents in a clear, crisp, concise way. Get you message across in a moderate amount of words, in a way that’s succinct, yet shows the committee who you are, and that will make you stand out.

So, to relate the following:

The Class of 2022 Harvard MBA essay question is:

As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program? (no word count limit)

Most of my clients who are successful in getting in to HBS have, on average, essays that come in with a word count of 1,000 words. Not 1,500 words, and certainly not 2,000 words or more (!)

I’m telling you, it will get you dinged.

The goal is to present who you are, personally and professionally. Know what you want to do, how your current background and expertise fits in with what HBS can offer, and what you, yourself, intend to give back to the school. They want to know what you bring to table, not only for your fellow classmates, but what will set you apart, and indicate that you already have the potential to succeed in the future.

Success HBS essays usually revolve around a candidate’s unique vision, background, and passion. Drive is also an important trait. All that said, you don’t need to have conquered the world (yet) to get into Harvard. You just need to show the committee that you have the intense drive and vision to succeed, and whatever it is you uniquely are setting out to do.

HBS students are competitive, ambitious, driven, and interesting…and, they care about their fellow students and community.

Harvard values leadership, and those who have the demonstrated potential in their background to become leaders in the future, if you’re not there already. However, equally important, are those who can demonstrate that they care about their community. In other words, that your drive isn’t all about you.

The candidates who can show a larger, global, or even (especially for Harvard, in particular) social humanitarian interest, and focus in what they do, or want to do — have, throughout the years I have been working with clients, had the best possible outcome of success.

The essay is your place to shine, so don’t hold back. The adcom doesn’t just want to see a reiteration of your resume though. The resume is the outline, the essay if you think of it this way, is the meat of your novel.

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