Should I Retake the GMAT?

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Should I Retake the GMAT?

So, you have taken the GMAT, received your scores back, and are wondering whether they are good enough or if you should go through the preparation and stress of taking the GMAT again. It is true that on average the MBA applicants that get accepted to the most competitive Ivy League or “Top Ten” MBA programs have scores of 720 or more. Does that mean if your score is below 720 you should absolutely try again? As with most everything in life — that depends. Not everyone takes standardized tests with ease but that does not necessarily make you a lesser candidate.

If your score is over 720, more than likely there is no added benefit to taking the GMAT again. If it is below 720, before you sign up for your next GMAT session look at the range of test scores that your particular Ivy League or “Top Ten” MBA program states instead of focusing on the very top end of the scale, unless of course you are trying to get into HBS, Wharton, or any of the top three MBA programs, as in that case you don’t ever want to give them a reason to say no.

If you do  plan on taking the GMAT additional times make sure you don’t rush into it. Take the time to study and focus on the areas that were the most difficult for you in the previous attempts – though don’t completely overlook the sections where you did well. Consider taking some courses to help you prepare. Or if you did all of the prep on your own consider a GMAT tutor that will be able to customize your focus to get your scores higher. Preparation can help to reduce your stress if you get test taking anxiety. After your first time, you’ve also gone through the process so, in terms of a learning curve, on the next go round those unknowns won’t exist, which is why it is always recommended to take practice GMAT tests.

Keep in mind that you are able to take the GMAT as many times that you want. You aren’t penalized by MBA programs or admission committees for multiple attempts and the perseverance is even appreciated by some admissions committees (if not in excess).  Just pay attention to those Ivy League and “Top Ten” program deadlines so you’ll have your scores in time to submit.

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