MBA ADMISSIONS TIP #3: Build A Great Bridge

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As a former Harvard admissions interviewer and a Harvard graduate, one of the most important things in creating a strong MBA application that will get you noticed at the top schools, is building a powerful bridge between your past professional experience and your future goals.

Admissions committees — especially at the top schools like HBS, Columbia, Kellogg and Booth want to see that you have a careful and logically thought out plan where, even if you want to use the MBA to change careers and enter a different industry or niche, your overall experience and plan MAKE SENSE.

In other words, “no experience left behind.”  Show the ad com that each step in your journey makes sense in terms of your long-term goals.  Build that bridge for the ad com between your past and your future by demonstrating how each position you’ve held along the way has helped develop and lead you to your current interests and goals.

By paving a clear, logical and solid road that shows you value all your professional experiences and allow nothing to go to waste, you will demonstrate a type of leadership in your own life that the ad com only responds to favorably.

Make this journey very clear in your MBA essays, and you will have a very strong application.

I specialize in helping top MBA  & EMBA candidates get in to the most highly competitive programs:

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